Optimize your listings with smart renovations.

Maximize Selling Price

Renovate a property well, and it won’t be on the market long. When you need a hand, call us at (972) 372-9402. Time is money, don’t waste yours.

To Market Faster

Don’t let contractor scheduling slow you down. Our advisors can coordinate the tradespeople you need to get your property ready for listing efficiently.

Help Prospective Buyers

If your client’s dream house isn’t move-in ready, Globus will provide good faith estimates for any renovation required.

A Globus Renovation Advisor will make a project punch list, ensuring everything from fresh paint to new fixtures is covered. Then, our team will tackle every aspect of the project; bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, exterior work etc. Even better, we offer project financing. Let our Finance Concierge assist you today.

Join Our Team

If you are a realtor or broker who requires renovation and preservation services on an ongoing basis; join our partner program. Globus Renovation Partners receive discounted rates, preferred scheduling, and benefit from our referral program. Become a partner today!

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